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Round Table Discussion: FSCD Programs & Services

30 May @ 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM


Autism Calgary invites members of the Autism community to a Round Table Discussion

Re: Securing FSCD funded services for your family / FSCD Policy & Regional Practice

In our work to support famlies to advocate and build collaborative relationships with FSCD representatives, we have encountered many of the successes and challenges experienced by families.  We have supported famlies to keep abreast of changes to policy and regional practice. 

Due to a recent frenzie of dialogue on social media channels, families are vocalizing conerns regarding the access of certain FSCD programs and servies, and in some cases, limits to their choice of evidence based service models.  To address some of the specific concerns, Government representatives have responded to assure families that “While we work with families we do not support the language of “parent training.” “.  The also scheduled listening sessions in Edmonton and Calgary for May 11 & 12, to allow individual families to be share their concerns.

The purpose of this Round Table Discussion is to

  • add to our current collective perspective and insight on the experiences of famlies

  • quantify and qualify community concerns

  • identify recommendations to FSCD policy and regional practice

We need your input to present a collective community response.

We welcome and encourage all families to attend and share their insight.  Even if your child has aged out of the program, your lived experience and wisdome in services of the past or perhaps the absence of services will ensure our community can influence positive change.

Note: Since 1992, and subsequently the introduction of the FSCD legislation in 2005, Autism Calgary staff and volunteers have actively supported parents to gain capacity in becoming independent self advocates. On reflecting on our work as a community through the years, the following are a few of the principles that have guided us in this work:

  • The Family Support for Children With Disabilities Act and Regulations remain among the best legislation nationally and internationally

  • Families, Government and Services providers share a responsibility in optimising the use of limited tax resources to maximise the impact of children, adults and families living with ASD

  • Due to unique needs and circumstances each family requires flexibility of choice in service models

  • Service delivery follows evidence based practices, results in meaningful impact on both the child & family, and aligns with individual family values

  • Programs and services appropriately monitor child outcomes and ensure measurable benefit to the child’s functions of daily living (as consistent with FSCD legislation)

  • Models of practice incorporate opportunities for parent learning to maximise outcomes, however these components must accommodate family circumstances and parent capacity

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