Autism Awareness Bear Stolen From Allwood Diner Returned

PASSAIC COUNTY, NJ — The big autism awareness teddy bear that was stolen from the Allwood Diner in Clifton has been returned.

The bear was the victim of a prank, the diner said in a Facebook post after the bear was returned. The thief posted a video of the “bearnapping” on Instagram. Patch could not obtain a copy of that video. (See related: Man Steals North Jersey Diner’s Giant Autism Awareness Teddy Bear)

“The person returned Teddy today after a video was found by Allwood friends that was posted on Instagram, the video was taken from inside the blue mustang and it was clear they were having much fun “bearnapping” our mascot and were even more proud to post their accomplishment,” the diner said in the post. “To him it was just a stuffed bear, but he quickly realized what this bear meant to Allwood Diner and the Clifton community.”

Other autism awareness bears were donated to the diner after the original was stolen. The diner featured them in its Facebook post.

“While Teddy the Bear has returned to his home, we wanted to take this opportunity and remind everyone that his purpose was to create awareness for autism as well as help raise money for this very worthy cause,” the diner said in its post.

A link to an Autism Speaks donation portal was included in the diner’s Facebook post. More than $1,100 was donated as of Thursday morning.


Photo: The autism awareness bear that was returned to the Allwood Diner in Clifton. Similar stuffed animals were donated to the diner after news spread that the bear had been stolen from the diner. (Courtesy of Allwood Diner, used with permission)

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