List of Blogs About Autism

The Parental Guide to Keeping Autistic Kids Safe

Adventures in Asperger’s – The Side Effects of Parenting

Asperger’s Diary: Life Through the Lens of Asperger’s Syndrome

Atypical Awareness

Autism45: A Journey Through the Wilderness of Autism

Autism Art Project

The Autism Blog

Autism Blogger: Online Autism Support Group

Autism Blogs Directory

Autism Community: Strengthening the Knowledge on Autism

Autism Day by Day

Autism Has My Child: A Mother’s Journey with her Autistic Child

The Autism Helper: Resources, Tips and Materials to Help You Help Children with Autism

Autism in Ireland: A Personal Journey through Autism

Autism In a Word

Autism – Living with Autism Daily

Autism Mommas: Sharing Activities through Video

Autism is Not the Boss


Autism Resources and Community (ARC) from Stages Learning

Autism Spectrum Disorder Parenting

Autism Talk Radio

Autism: Understanding the Spectrum

Autism Whisperer: Helping Families Dealing with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Autism With Attitude

A Best Practice Guide to Assessment and Intervention for Autism and Asperger Syndrome in Schools

Beyond Words: Our Journey with Autism

Big Daddy Autism: Tales from the Lighter Side of Raising A Kid with Autism

Blogs About Apps

Cailyn’s Dad: The Story of a Father’s Battle with his Daughter’s Battle with Autism

Confessions of a Teenage Aspie


Diary of a Mom

Drawing Roads: A Parents Blog About Navigating Autism

Early Childhood Education ABC123

Finding Peace in the Autism Puzzle

Having A Sibling With Autism: Support Blog

Hearts That Know and Feel: How I Use My Autism To Help Those Around Me

Honestly Autistic

Hoping Not Coping: An Autism Recovery Story in the Making

I Have Asperger’s: A Unique Perspective of the World Through the Eyes of Me, A Girl with Asperger’s Syndrome

I Love ABA! Thoughts, Tips and Information all about Applied Behavior Analysis

Jacob’s Journey: Venturing Through Autism

The Journey Through Autism: Created and written by a teenage boy with autism

The Joy of Autism

Kathie’s World

Life with Connor and Autism

The Light Side of Autism: ASD Mom

Lily and the Roses~ Creativity with Autism, Twins and Military Adventures

Line Up The Books: A Children’s Book Review Blog

Living and Loving Gluten and Casein Free

Look Me In The Eye: John Elder Robison, an Aspergian Book Author, Writes About Books, Asperger’s, Autism and Life

Lost and Tired: My Reality Autism

Mom’s Fighting Autism Webinars

Mom2mykids: I’m a Mom, You’re a Mom, We all need a Mom

Mother Cub…All About Autism

Mountains of Molehills: A Journey through Asperger’s Parenthood

My Life with Asperger’s

My So Called Sensory Life

NatKat921: Words From A College Student on the Autism Spectrum

Parenting Adult Special Needs: One Day at a Time

Portia Iversen’s Blog

Positively Autism : News and Advice from an Educator’s Perspective

Raising a Son with Autism — Tears Of A Clown

SAI Connections: Resources for Professionals and Parents of Children with Autism

Self Care for Parents of Autistic Youth

Social Skills Suitcase: Tools for Positive Interaction with Others

Speaking on the Spectrum

Special Needs Hidden Handbook

Special Needs Homeschooling

A Spoonful of Comfort

Squidalicious: Parenting, Autism, iPads & Geekery

Stages Learning Letter


Susan Senator’s Blog: Author of Making Peace with Autism

the TAO of Autism

Teaching Jeremiah: A Journey into the Mind of an Asperger’s Child

Team Crozier: Our Family’s Journey Navigating Autism

The Autism Spectrum: A Cognitive Neuroscientist Explores Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, and Related Disorders

Tiger in the Car: My Brother and Autism

Top 25 Autism Spectrum Blogs

Two Brothers One Journey

Tyler’s Train: A Journey of Autism, Advocacy and Figuring Out Life

unOther One: Intentionally Collecting the Silver Linings of Autism and Simply Being Different

Voices Found: Autism and Typing to Speak

Warriors of the Edge

Wendy Ann Has Oughtism

Wicked Good the book blog

A Wish Come Clear

Working On The Puzzle: Hard at work in the autism field

World According to Jake: A Very Real Sneak-Peek into the Life of a Child with “Super Powers”

Young Adults with ASD: Creating Their Own Lives

Zach and Twinkie: Our Journey with a Service Dog