Misericordia University’s Autism Lifelong Learning Program holds open house – Dallas Post

DALLAS TWP. — The Misericordia University Autism Lifelong Learning Program recently held an informational open house on campus so community members and regional leaders could familiarize themselves with the new program.

Housed in Misericordia University’s Autism Center, the Autism Lifelong Learning Program provides pre-vocational, vocational and community living skills to adults diagnosed with a disorder on the autism spectrum or dually diagnosed with autism and intellectual disabilities. The program’s primary objective is to enable the adults participating in the program to obtain supported or competitive employment in a fully integrated setting with at least a minimum wage.

The Autism Center added the new program because of the region’s shortage of available resources and services for people on the autism spectrum. In addition to specially trained personnel, the Autism Lifelong Learning Program includes an advisory board that features people with expertise in autism, including parents of children with autism, health care professionals, and regional educators from higher education.

Overall, the Autism Lifelong Learning Program fills the gap that occurs when people with autism complete high school. The program ensures adults with autism receive the ongoing support and services they need across their lifespan.

Misericordia University received licensure for the program from the Pennsylvania Office of Developmental Programs. The Pennsylvania Bureau of Autism Services, the Pennsylvania Office of Developmental Programs, and the Pennsylvania Office of Vocational Rehabilitation also have approved of and qualified the services of the Autism Lifelong Learning Program.

The College of Health Sciences and Education at Misericordia University established the Autism Center in 2015. The center utilizes interprofessional collaboration in academic departments to provide supportive individual and family-based services, and functions as a resource for clinicians, physicians and caregivers while educating future health care professionals and educators in specialty areas, such as medical imaging, nursing, occupational therapy, physical therapy, sonography, speech-language pathology and pre-professional programs.

For information about Autism Lifelong Learning Program at Misericordia University, call 570-674-8200, email, autism@misericordia.edu, or visit www.misericordia.edu/autism.

The Misericordia University Autism Center recently held an informational open house for the Autism Lifelong Learning Program. Some attending guests were, from left, Jean Simonton, executive assistant, AllOne Foundation; Mary Carroll Donahoe, program officer, AllOne Foundation; John W. Cosgrove, executive director, AllOne Foundation; Thomas J. Yoniski Jr. field representative, Office of state Sen. Lisa Baker; President Thomas J. Botzman, Ph.D., Misericordia University; Leamor Kahanov, dean of the College of Health Sciences and Education, Misericordia University; Joan Roth Kleinman, director, Autism Lifelong Learning Program; Katy J. Kranson, coordinator, Autism Lifelong Learning Program, and Frank Mariano, Autism Lifelong Learning Program.