Online Learning Tools & Softwares

ABPathfinder ABPathfinder revolutionizes Autism therapy through applied technology. Our cloud-based software dramatically improves the efficiency and effectiveness of Autism therapy by significantly reducing paperwork and improving data outcomes. Baselines, discrete trials, real-time data collection and graphing, customizable skillsets – all of the complex processes of ABA therapy in a comprehensive package built specifically for therapy professionals. ABPathfinder puts therapists in front of kids instead of paper, ensuring they get the help they need. Better therapy tools result in better outcomes for kids.

Acclaim  Acclaim is a web platform that facilitates discussion and feedback around video content. Users can post time-specific comments that highlight and link to moments in each video. Each comment is clickable, and once clicked, the video will jump to that specific frame. At schools for special needs students, such as The Nexus School, Acclaim has been used to facilitate faculty training. After uploading videos from class time on to Acclaim, faculty and their supervisors can notate and discuss student behaviors and teacher responses. This enables teachers not only to seek guidance and to collaborate, but also to respond to students and to introduce behavioral interventions with perfect timing.

ACE® – Autism Curriculum Encyclopedia®  The Autism Curriculum Encyclopedia (ACE) is our comprehensive web-based educational application.  Based on close to 40 years of curriculum development, research and implementation, the ACE includes assessment tools, customizable lesson plans, and data-based reporting systems. The ACE is being used by consultants, private, public and collaborative schools, including the Boston and New York City Public schools.  The ACE is your affordable, online curriculum solution for students with autism.

Activity Trainer The Activity Trainer (AT) teaches skills improving acquisition rates across a wide verity of skills like academic, daily living, social, recreation, communication, and vocational. The Activity Trainer makes Video Modeling (VM) practical. The AT is the first designed player for video modeling supporting task analysis, sequences, data collection, and organization by student. There are over 300 activities in the product and you also have the ability to create your own.

Adirondack Learning Academy  Adirondack Learning Academy is committed to providing a positive learning environment that encourages success through individualized instruction for students in kindergarten through twelfth grade.  Our program recognizes that each child is an individual and that all children need to feel successful in order to succeed.

Apex Spectrum Guide Apex Spectrum Guide is a comprehensive, customizable, online Applied Behavior Analysis program designed to help children with autism spectrum disorder overcome their communication, cognitive and behavioral challenges.  Features include a comprehensive curriculum from the most basic behavioral skills to communication to advanced cognition; dozens of programs, hundreds of goals and thousands of targets and pictures; fully integrated interfering behaviors module; comprehensive assessment, goal plans, lesson preparation, and data collection and reporting.

Autism Breakthrough Solutions, LLC: Free Communication Assessment  Are you confused or not sure about how your child with autism communicates? Do you wonder if your son or daughter should be talking and understanding more? If your child with autism talks, he or she likely has difficulties understanding the words, gestures, and feelings that others are expressing. Take this survey to find out what your child’s communication strengths and weaknesses are in each of these categories.This analysis combines information from several sources and studies that no single tool or professional can provide. The results will give you a deeper understanding about how he or she thinks and communicates – and guide you with ways to enhance his or her abilities.

Autism Education and Behavior Training Services At Autism Education and Behavior Training Services, we understand the emotional struggles you face each day.  We provide educational training products for the dedicated people working with those affected by autism and other developmental disabilities.  We make all our DVD’s affordable and easy to use so everyone can take advantage of them. No formal education or training is required to be successful with our programs.

Autism Unlocked Autism Unlocked was created by experienced ASD professionals who continue to work within the field.  Autism Unlocked has successfully merged technology and an ASD classroom tested format for learning.  Autism Unlocked is the first website for ASD users that will teach specific conversation and communication skills while providing a fun and motivational format.  Autism Unlocked will require users to compete learning activities before gaining access to the fun page.  The fun side of the website will have video clips, music, a drawing pad, and much more.

Bluebee TeeVee, Autism Information Station  Bluebee TeeVee, Autism Information Station is a webisode series where kids learn all about autism—in  a friendly, clinically correct and respectful manner with humor and pop culture references thrown in for fun. An innovative series that will help children see past differences, learn acceptance and understanding and the discovery that we’re all pretty much the same at heart. The show’s host, James Sullivan is the script writer, filmmaker and editor. Jonathan Murphy performs the character voices for the Bluebee Pal co-hosts. Both of these talented young men are on the autism spectrum. Each webisode comes with an episode guide for educators and parents who wish to delve deeper into a particular topic. Bluebee TeeVee Autism Information Station is available for free.
View the webisodes online | More information and Episode Guides | Download the webisodes and tool kit

BrainPro® Many families choose BrainPro/Fast ForWord® for autism to help improve their child’s memory, attention, processing and social skills. Fast ForWord is an online intervention program that uses the principles of neuroplasticity – the ability of the brain to rewire and improve – to treat the underlying cause of language and learning difficulties.  In a field study of children on the autism spectrum who used Fast ForWord, 83% improved in their overall expression, including their ability to follow directions and use new vocabulary. 81% improved their attention skills and 76% showed marked gains in their social skills.  Our online program allows parents to access Fast ForWord with their child at home, with the support of a highly trained remote professional who is experienced working with children with autism.

Camp MakeBelieve Kids Social and Emotional Learning Program  Camp MakeBelieve Kids is not a destination, it’s a journey into the world of social and emotional learning. Innovative, entertaining and interactive educational tools to that equips children on the Autism Spectrum with tools and strategies to ethically and effectively navigate their way through a complex world. Workbooks with social stories and zany characters, musical play and songs, guided imagery stories, hundreds of activities are all geared toward building emotional intelligence in kids.

CSERV, LLC: Telehealth ABA Therapy  Our foundation has been based on serving those with special needs through instant access to treatment. We empower parents and families with strategies that we can successfully train through interactive videoconferencing.  This knowledge gives parents and families new and proven abilities to enhance their interaction with their child which, in turn, provides their child new skill sets.

DT Trainer The DT Trainer (DTT) is like having an extra teaching assistant in the classroom or home. The product incorporates principles of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) enabling independent use by some of the most challenging to educate individuals. The DTT is used in over 1100 school districts, hundreds of private institutions, & thousands of homes from young children to adults whom are developmentally 2-9 years old. There are over 256 content programs 100s of selectable reinforcers.

Education City! is the leading online teaching and learning resource. Our mission is to delight children across the globe with the opportunity of learning, to engage and inspire children in their personal development, and to empower teachers and parents to nurture our future generation!

Essential Skills Advantage Get access to 1000s of online reading & language lessons that teach kids, ages 4 to 12, the foundational skills required to achieve success! Many testimonials from parents of children with autism indicate program efficacy.

Friends Like You. Friends Like Me. Friends Like You. Friends Like Me. is an educational community outreach initiative of Children’s Specialized Hospital, designed to help educate children about autism spectrum disorder and provide the tools necessary to facilitate friendships among children. This program encourages recognition of children’s similarities, reinforces the common desire to be accepted and have friends, demystifies autism in an age-appropriate manner, and promotes inclusion, respect, and friendship between children of all abilities in all facets of their lives. For the past decade, the program has helped millions around the world learn the essential skills they need to live and work in the 21st century. Its Everyday Life program in particular helps adults and children struggling with everyday tasks by creating simple, easy-to-follow interactives that help immerse learners into real-world experiences without real-world consequences. Topics covered range from learning how to use an ATM and tell time to understanding grill safety to reading a bus map.

GCompris GCompris is a high quality educational software suite comprising of numerous activities for children aged 2 to 10. Some of the activities are game orientated, but nonetheless still educational. Currently GCompris offers in excess of 100 activities and more are being developed. GCompris is free software so you can adapt it to your own needs, improve it and, most importantly, share it with children everywhere.

Gemiini Gemiini is a web-based program that has been shown in published research to dramatically increase language, reading and social skills in those with autism spectrum disorder. Thousands of people of all ages are benefiting from its unique Discrete Video Modeling method. Gemiini can deliver affordable, effective and unlimited therapy in the privacy of your own home. If you are just now noticing a delay or on a waitlist to begin therapy, start Gemiini immediately. If your child is currently receiving therapy, your child’s therapist may assign Gemiini therapy “homework” to dramatically increase gains. Use the coupon AUTISMSPEAKS at registration for 2 weeks free.

Gr8Speech Inc. – Your Online Solution to Speech Therapy Gr8Speech Inc. utilizes secure, video-conferencing technology to provide live, highly interactive and individualized Speech Therapy services in your home, school, office or anywhere you have internet access. All of our Gr8 Speech therapists are state licensed and certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, specifically trained in the delivery of TeleSpeech. Contact us today for a FREE screening and see if Gr8 Speech can be YOUR online solution to Speech Therapy.

Greenways Academy  An online alternative school accredited through Advanced Ed- Servicing grades 6-12. We use a 1:1 student teacher ratio so we maximize a students learning potential. We work with students whofind traditional school socially challenging and need an alternative setting in which to thrive Free Educational Software for Children This free educational software is made for children 18 months to 4 years of age (or higher for children struggling with language delays due to autism or other causes).

iMsocial™  iMsocial is a 34 session online social skills program developed by Autism South Australia. It uses video modeling as the main teaching strategy. The program is targeted at children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental disabilities aged 8-12 years old. You can choose between the iMsocial™ individual program, aimed at parents, and the iMsocial™ group program, aimed at professionals. Best of all: the program is researched based!

Independent Speech Highly engaging and motivating online speech therapy for school-aged children and adults.

Innovative Speech Therapy Innovative Speech Therapy is dedicated to offering unique effective speech therapy for children and adults, and online coaching and training for parents and caregivers.

Inside the Spectrum: Interviews with Autism Thought Leaders  Inside the Spectrum aim to widen parents’ understanding of their child & the jobs of the many therapists and caretakers working with their child. Every second Wednesday you can tune in and join Lisa Fraser as she interviews an autism thought leader: a therapist, an educator, an individual on the spectrum or a family members. The interviews are typically 30-40 minutes and viewers are able to watch the interviews live & ask questions or watch replays of the webinar later.

Jacob’s Lessons Jacob’s lessons is an effective way to teach young children with autism beginning computer skills, and is useful as a complement to ABA programs. These activities were created so that the adult works with the child during the lesson, not as an independent activity for the child.

Keys to Words Not understanding words can make things difficult for you. Keys to Words will help you understand the English language, making communication easier and happier for you. Keys to Words offers and illustrated dictionary of the small common words of the English language. Never before has every meaning of the most difficult to understand words been presented in an easy format, fun and guaranteed to improve any student’s English.

The Kids’ Picture Show YouTube channel started by parents for their autistic non-verbal son when he was in preschool. The channel teaches language skills as well as preschool learning such as colors, shapes, letters and numbers. We’ve had a great deal of success with the channel. The audio and video presentation of the material works very will for kids with sensory issues.

Life Skills Winner Life Skills Winner teaches social and life skills to autistic and special needs individuals. It does this interactively via a game format. Whenever you complete a step you get points. With those points, you can redeem a prize that the parent/teacher has put in the app (like Candy for 100pts). The parent/teacher gives the prize to the child once it has been redeemed.

Look at Me Now! Videos for Children with Autism This site allows users to make a movie to improve the life of a child with Autism. Using a quick and easy system teachers, parents or professionals can make a personalized video self model (VSM) movie. Children enjoy seeing themselves successful and enjoying activities within the movies while parents and professionals enjoy the amazing success their child demonstrates after viewing the movie. Titles include “Going to the Dentist,” and “Using the Toilet.”

Maths Doctor from Revision Resources More than 250 interactive online video tutorials and accompanying worksheets available to you, designed to make both teaching and learning maths easier. They’re free and easy to use anytime, anywhere, with access via phone and computer.

Medikidz Medikidz is the world’s first Medical Education publisher for children. We explain medicine to young people in a way that they can understand. Written by doctors, for kids!

Monarch Teaching Technologies, Inc. Effective educational software for individuals with autism and Asperger’s Syndrome. Monarch Teaching Technologies is the maker of VizZle, a new and innovative web-based learning system for those with autism. VizZle lets you create and share evidence-based interactive visual lessons that drive achievement.

Neuropath Learning Neuropath Learning creates web-based, real world educational programs for children with autism. Our programs offer cognitive learning activities that pair visual and auditory stimulus. Children with autism who have used our programs have improved in social communication, expressive and receptive language, reading, and focus.

Online Speech Therapy The leading innovators in online speech and language services, blending cutting-edge technology with highly skilled speech and language experts.

Patrick’s Academy, Inc. Patrick’s Academy offers a rich computer based curriculum that children can enjoy as they learn needed skills. Registered students with the academy will be provided unlimited usage of the lessons.

Phillip Roy Academy The Academy is an online school that functions as a curriculum for students supervised by parents. It can be used at school or in the home to teach the students the necessary values and information in relation to Life Skills, Academics, Employability and Pre-School.

The Reading Focus Cards Desktop App for Challenged Readers  The fully-customizable Reading Focus Cards desktop app (Patent 8,360,779) is the digital version of the research-based, physical Reading Focus Card tools (Patent 7,565,759).  With this app for Macs and PCs, a digital reading card actually “floats on top” and “stays on top” of nearly any underlying application, allowing a reader to better focus on one or more selected text lines AND block out as much surrounding text as needed to improve attention, reading comprehension and retention of digital media.  This downloadable Reading Focus Cards app can be customized, moved or manipulated on a computer or laptop screen via touchpad, mouse, arrow keys or touchscreen (where applicable).

Remote Behavior Services by Monarch: Uniting Telemedicine and ABA  Monarch Behavior Solutions is a group practice of Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs). Families who participate in our remote behavior services model meet directly with one of our behavior consultants via face-to-face video conferencing. This allows for families to access quality services regardless of their geographic location.”

Rethink  Rethink is an online solution for parents, school districts and providers delivering ABA treatment to children with autism and related disabilities.  Our platform supports curriculum planning, data tracking, professional development and parent training. Through video and mobile-friendly tools, we bring to life best practice teaching and intervention strategies that help users personalize instruction for every child.

School Sparks A free resource of information and tools for parents and teachers of children ages 2.5 through 5 — including over 500 free printable worksheets for parents and teacher to use plus lots of other free information designed to help parents and teachers of young children.

SCoRE® (Student Curriculum on Resilience Education): Propel Developed with funding from Autism Speaks, SCoRE: Propel is an online research-based resilience program that helps students with developmental disorders adjust to college life. The program helps students cope with the personal, social, and academic challenges of college life by providing practical information and strategies to: manage stress, develop self-advocacy skills, navigate challenging situations in a college setting, access the college’s disability services, develop healthy relationships, maintain a healthy body and mind and achieve success in college and life.

Simple Steps: The Autism Edition Take your first step to becoming a parent-therapist with Simple Steps – a world leader in building teaching tools for parents. Our online tool offers help, and hope, to the parents of children on the autism spectrum. Based on the proven-science of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and supported by internationally-renowned experts, Simple Steps helps you begin your journey towards a better life for your child and your family.

Simply Music Gateway  Simply Music Gateway is a free streaming music education program designed to teach children with Autism how to play the piano in steps that are fun, easy, and playing-based. Simply create an online account and access the customized training, support and guidance materials designed so that anyone, including parents, can teach this method. Funding for this project is currently underway, and it will be made available to any family interested at absolutely no cost once production is complete.

Skills®: The Online Autism Solution Skills® is an online tool for educators of children with autism that provides comprehensive assessment and  curriculum, positive behavior support planning for challenging behavior, progress tracking and treatment evaluation all in one place.

The Social Express The Social Express™ is engaging, educational software for children and young adults with social learning challenges. The software is designed to teach users how to think about and manage social situations, helping them to develop meaningful social relationships and succeed in life.

Sound Learning and Wellness, LLC  We offer Fast ForWord, an online learning program which helps children struggling with Autism, Phonemic Awareness, Central Auditory Processing Disorder, Dyslexia, Language Impairment, Reading Comprehension, Expressive or Receptive language, or any type of Learning Disability. Speech & Occupational therapists as well as Audiologists use this program to compliment their therapy.

SpeechTraxx Speech therapy specializing in Autism Spectrum Disorders for clients of all ages. SpeechTraxx uses technology to meet you where you are by utilizing technology and your home computer, without the inconvenience or expense of traveling to therapy appointments. Our Speech Language Pathologists are committed to making a difference with every client we serve.

TeachMe Skills TeachMe Skills by Operant Systems, is a mobile/web educational and clinical outcome based software platform that allows educators, clinicians, therapists and caregivers to record and track skills acquisition and behavior management programs.  The skill’s curriculum module is aligned with common assessment tools, e.g. ABLLS, VB_MAPP, Pearson Vineland, Goldman-Fristoe Test Articulation, CELF-4 Language Evaluations and others. The behavior management module is aligned with States QA requirements and allows therapists to plan and execute a Functional Assessment Behavior and Behavior Intervention Plans. Check out a YouTube introduction here.

TeachTown Computer-aided educational software products for children with autism. TeachTown Basics offers over 800 computer lessons and 500 off computer activities in six key learning domains Language Development, Adaptive Skills, Social Emotional, Cognitive Skills, Language Arts, and Mathematics. TeachTown Social Skills is a new video modeling-based social skills program that combines a rigorous curricula with broadcast quality animation and engaging storytelling.

Techno-Tutor A technological tool that is multi-sensory and focus developing, with built in remediation to create placeholders as words directly into the physical mind/whole seeing mind of the child- bypassing emotional instability and building an inner structure that gives the child stability.

TenMarks Intuitive, interactive, and fun way for students to practice, learn, and master math. Builds confidence. Drives success.

TokenEconomy  A unique online tool for parents who need some assistance in helping their kids change patterns of poor behavior into positive actions worth rewarding. For years, “tokens” have been used by psychologists to help children learn to wait for real rewards. In the past, incorporating a token economy was a very manual process, using pen/paper or Excel spreadsheets. There are major benefits of using the token economy concept, but it certainly can be difficult and time consuming to say the least. Now, there is an online system that takes the difficulties out of introducing a token economy into your family.

Triple Stories Triple Stories provides a simple way for parents and professionals to create visual support, such as social stories, visual instructions, or presentations of new situations or individuals when facing transitions. Triple Stories comes with a picture library of over 500 customized pictures, which you can easily combine with text boxes and speech or thought bubbles. You can also draw your own pictures or edit pictures from the picture library.

Watch Me Learn Teaching children social skills, language skills, functional skills, motor skills, and much more! Full-scale video-based social skills curriculum for kids. Includes lesson plans, user guide, student workbooks, other activities. Each teaching module is presented in three instructional levels. Learning becomes fun when using our videos and supporting multi-sensory products.

Whoosh Learning Our mission is to provide an interactive and safe online environment where every child’s academic performance will improve.