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New! Bluebee TeeVee, Autism Information Station  Bluebee TeeVee, Autism Information Station is a webisode series where kids learn all about autism—in  a friendly, clinically correct and respectful manner with humor and pop culture references thrown in for fun. An innovative series that will help children see past differences, learn acceptance and understanding and the discovery that we’re all pretty much the same at heart. The show’s host, James Sullivan is the script writer, filmmaker and editor. Jonathan Murphy performs the character voices for the Bluebee Pal co-hosts. Both of these talented young men are on the autism spectrum. Each webisode comes with an episode guide for educators and parents who wish to delve deeper into a particular topic. Bluebee TeeVee Autism Information Station is available for free.
View the webisodes online | More information and Episode Guides | Download the webisodes and tool kit

Autism Live A free, interactive web show that shares news, information, resources, success stories and more. Viewers are encouraged to interact by asking questions of featured experts or by sharing their thoughts. This show looks at Autism from a 360 degree perspective, dealing with funding, therapies, emotions, triumphs, victories, frustrations, childhood, teen years, adulthood, employment, health, insurance and everything in between!

Autism Quality of Life  Autism Quality of Life was founded by Teri Krakovich, Ph.D. to improve quality of life for teenagers and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their caregivers. The mission is 3-fold: highlight autism innovators; build meaningful connections; and share valuable resources.

The Autism Show: Autism Podcast Radio The Autism Show is an educational podcast online radio created for autism parents and educators. This is a weekly interview show allowing leading autism advocates, authors, educators, and organizations to share their inspirational stories and best resources with the global autism community. Listen to a new episode every Tuesday for support, resources, facts, entertainment and inspiration for autism parents, educators and practitioners working with children on the Autism Spectrum. Topics include behavior therapy, autism apps and other topics related to autism spectrum disorders.

Asperger Strength Audio Program An audio program (8 CDs plus CD-ROM with written outline) for parents, educators, counselors, and physicians of kids with AS. It covers information on characteristics of AS, strategies for home and school, behavior management, depression and anxiety as they co-occur with AS, and issues around caregiver burnout.

Beautiful You: Social Skills Music “Beautiful You” is a 27-song contemporary social skills album written and produced by Niki Schomas, a parent of a child with autism, special education teacher and musician. The music is designed to teach children new coping strategies, how to be assertive, how to stand up for themselves and others, and most importantly, how to recognize the beauty in themselves and others.

Dan Marino The mission of is to reach out globally to families, clinicians, and educators through the internet to provide information related to autism and other neurological disorders. Viewers can watch personal stories, therapies, and the latest medical research 24 hours a day from home, work, or wherever high-speed internet access is available – all for free.

Exceptional Family TV Exceptional Family TV is the first and only weekly web reality series for and about the “Exceptional Family”. We promise to deliver engaging weekly episodes specifically designed for exceptional families. eFamilyTV focuses on parents, families and caregivers raising children with special needs.

FreeREI Calming Audio Download This free download is a 20 minute audio recording that can have several benefits which include: calming the listener’s nervous system, transitioning to sleep, reducing acute feelings of anxiety, and more.

Joshua’s Eyes Through the efforts and talents of one family, the song Joshua’s Eyes was created. Joshua is a representation of all autistic children and their early journey through life. The song was created to raise autism awareness on a national level. Proceeds from the song will be used to further promote autism awareness.

The Mother Cub Show: All About Autism Susan Lynn Perry is a published freelance writer, former motivational speaker and best-selling author of fiction, nonfiction, short stories and inspirational articles. As an author, speaker, international radio host, and mother to a child with autism, she shares her unique and often surprisingly-humorous perspective on what it’s like to live in the world of autism – from the heartbreak of diagnosis, to the daily challenges, to the wonderful “light bulb moments” when a special child makes an unexpected developmental leap forward.

Move! Sing! Play Along and Learn! by Music Therapy Tunes
The “Move! Sing! Play Along and Learn!” CD series is a treat for parent and child or teacher and class. Music therapist Margie La Bella’s pleasant, soothing voice is easy to understand as she sings fun, engaging songs that foster speech, language and conceptual learning.

Muzic School Records  Songs About Us by Kerry Fenster is the first CD release from Muzic School Records. These songs can easily be used with children in grade school all the way through high school and is a must-have CD for schools,teachers and libraries that serve children and young adults with special needs.

PlaySquare PlaySquare’s Touchable Television seamlessly combines existing television episodes with interactive content to allow a child to step into and participate in the story-world of a television property.  PlaySquare transforms television from a passive viewing experience into an active adventure where the child is watching, thinking and doing. Children can be immersed in their television shows, playing with their favorite characters in their worlds and helping to move each story along. PlaySquare is a new media offering made specifically for the tablet and other touchscreen devices.  Unlike games or books made for the touch screen, touchable television provides highly engaging narrative-driven interactivity.

Power Tunes Joe Rothstein, a speech-language pathologist and musician, has created this award winning CD of children’s songs designed to help toddlers and young children with vocabulary, speech sounds, and early academic concepts.

Simply Music Gateway  Simply Music Gateway is a free streaming music education program designed to teach children with Autism how to play the piano in steps that are fun, easy, and playing-based. Simply create an online account and access the customized training, support and guidance materials designed so that anyone, including parents, can teach this method. Funding for this project is currently underway, and it will be made available to any family interested at absolutely no cost once production is complete.

Sing Out! Music to enhance early childhood speech development. This CD was designed for young children by a mom and music therapist who is learning every day the trials and successes of speech development both typical and delayed.

SingSOS: Songs of the Spectrum Great music. Greater cause! Songs of the Spectrum has a message for you. For the heart, there’s music telling of autism’s terrors and unexpected joys. For the head, a selection of resources, from the signs every toddler’s parent should know, to advice on helping siblings understand. 90% of the proceeds purchased from the link below go to Autism Speaks!

Social Songs for Learning My name is Lesley Ernst and I write, compose, and record social songs for learning. These original songs derive from real life situations with real life individuals.  They are designed to help people of all ages and abilities learn and remember important skills for life.

Songs for Your Busy Day Caring mothers produce music designed to guide children through their daily activities.

The Wingmen CD Played in the bathroom, these rockin’ songs tell the listener step-by-step what to do while they shower or brush their teeth.