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365 Days of Autism We know you live with the joys and challenges of Autism every day. Our mission is to provide you with affordable and practical programs that will help you organize home programs that foster learning, social interaction, and FUN!

ABPathfinder ABPathfinder revolutionizes Autism therapy through applied technology. Our cloud-based software dramatically improves the efficiency and effectiveness of Autism therapy by significantly reducing paperwork and improving data outcomes. Baselines, discrete trials, real-time data collection and graphing, customizable skillsets – all of the complex processes of ABA therapy in a comprehensive package built specifically for therapy professionals. ABPathfinder puts therapists in front of kids instead of paper, ensuring they get the help they need. Better therapy tools result in better outcomes for kids.

ACE® – Autism Curriculum Encyclopedia® The Autism Curriculum Encyclopedia (ACE) is our comprehensive web-based educational application.  Based on close to 40 years of curriculum development, research and implementation, the ACE includes assessment tools, customizable lesson plans, and data-based reporting systems.  Developed by the Ph.D.s, BCBAs and special educators at The New England Center for Children® The ACE is being used by consultants, private, public and collaborative schools, including the Boston and New York City Public schools.  The ACE is your affordable, online curriculum solution for students with autism.

Applied Behavior Analysis CPT Coding Crosswalk Guide  A workgroup was formed to collect information about utilization of the Category III Adaptive Behavior Codes for reporting applied behavior analysis (ABA) services in preparation for submitting a Code Change Proposal to the American Medical Association CPT Editorial Panel. The following crosswalk information will foster a greater understanding of how the Category III codes were intended to be reported and encourage uniform reporting of ABA services across providers, payers, and states.
See the crosswalk information here.

The ASD Nest Model: A Framework for Inclusive Education for Higher Functioning Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders by Shirley Cohen, PhD and Lauren Hough, MsEd
This well-researched and evidence-based program was formulated in response to the severe shortage of educational programs designed for higher functioning school age children with ASD. The program uses a positive behavior support approach and incorporate strategies that address areas of difficulties common in children with ASD, specifically sensory functioning, social relatedness, self-regulation, managing anxiety, and selective cognitive problems.

Asperger Strength Audio Program An audio program (8 CDs plus CD-ROM with written outline) for parents, educators, counselors, and physicians of kids with AS. It covers information on characteristics of AS, strategies for home and school, behavior management, depression and anxiety as they co-occur with AS, and issues around caregiver burnout.

Autism ABA Curriculum  Autism ABA Curriculum encompasses more than 150 discrete trial programs, divided into 12 categories.  Each category aims to develop a specific set of skills by applying distinct methodologies.The curriculum is a compilation of the latest and most successful treatment methods for autism spectrum disorders. Each program has been tested in actual therapy environments and its effectiveness has been thoroughly established. This program is the perfect, cost-efficient solution to introduce research-based ABA techniques without straining your budget. Returning users get a special discount!

Autism ABA Help: Online Training for Professionals and “Gung Ho” Parents Are you frustrated that you can’t teach your clients or child with autism because problem behaviors are getting in the way? As a parent of a son with autism, a BCBA-D and a best selling author, Mary Barbera knows how overwhelming autism ABA information can be so in 2015, she created the Autism ABA Help Online Training Program to help both professionals and parents learn to teach language skills while reducing problem behaviors using a step-by-step system she developed to help you start or re-vamp an ABA program!

Autism in Action Autism In Action® was founded in 2001 by Dr. Beverly Braman (BCBA-D) and Dr. Susan Catlett (BCBA-D). Their goal is to help parents, teachers, and others who participate in the lives of individuals diagnosed with autism and related disorders learn how to use applied behavior analysis (ABA) as a part of everyday life. They offer 42 “How-To” Teaching Programs, the Instructional Objectives Handbook, and the Autism and ABA: A “How-To” Handbook for Teachers.

Autism Behavior Toolbox Autism Behavior Toolbox is the most recent addition to the Behavior Toolbox Series and is specifically designed to support and help teachers and their assistants manage the behavior of children with autism. A wide range of people in mental health and healthcare will also find it valuable in providing a good working knowledge of autism treatment. The concept of the Autism Behavior Toolbox continues in the same tradition as the Child and Adolescent Toolbox software where parameters based on age, context, and specific behavior return a range of research based intervention strategies.

Autism Classroom is an online resource for parents, educators and administrators about setting up classrooms, setting up home and teaching children with autism. provides free teaching materials, information on free and low cost trainings and mobile apps.

Autism Education Our primary purpose is to provide information and training to families and professionals regarding best practices in autism treatment.

Autism Educators, Inc.  Autism Educators, Inc., provides Special Education teachers, Speech Language Pathologists, therapists and parents with unique high-quality activities to help aid in mastery of IEP Goals for Special Needs students, focusing on Autism. With a vast variety of both free and paid activities, all are available for immediate download to use at your convenience. Special requests and customized items are available upon request.

Autism Internet Modules The Autism Internet Modules were developed with one aim in mind: to make comprehensive, up-to-date, and usable information on autism accessible and applicable to educators, other professionals, and families who support individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Written by experts from across the U.S., all online modules are free, and are designed to promote understanding of, respect for, and equality of persons with ASD.

Autism Navigator Autism Navigator is a unique collection of web-based tools and courses developed to bridge the gap between science and community practice. We have integrated the most current research into a highly interactive web platform with extensive video footage to illustrate effective evidence-based practices.

Autism and Online Learning: A Guide for Teachers With autism on the rise, many schools struggle to meet the needs of autistic students. Here’s a resource created by that provides information on giving children with autism the resources they need to succeed in school.

AutismPro AutismPro helps school districts, early intervention providers, and government organizations work with children with autism.

Autism Speaks School Community Tool Kit This tool kit is intended to be a support for the general education and administrative school staff who interact with students with autism in various capacities.

Autism Spectrum Disorder: Knowledge Path A guide to resources about ASD screening, diagnosis, treatment, care, and impact on family life.  It includes tools for health care practices; training; improving state systems and services; research; and finding data and statistics, journal articles, reports, and other materials.  From the Maternal and Child Health Library at Georgetown University.

Autism Teaching Tools Products include: books, flashcards, social stories, workbooks, teaching curricula and more! Ship to anywhere in the US.

Autism Training Solutions We provide solutions to the ever-growing responsibility of training parents and professionals. Our business aim is to use online video technology to educate industry professionals in evidence-based intervention methods, ultimately enhancing the lives of children with autism.

Autism Vision: Creating Classroom Connections These audiovisual programs are specifically designed to foster the social inclusion of individuals on the autism spectrum in schools.  A Facilitator’s Guide provides instructions for teachers or other advocates on how to effectively implement the classroom presentation, along with suggested activities that reinforce main learning points. Different programs are designed for specific audiences.
For Children with Autism
For Children with High-Functioning Autism and Asperger Syndrome
For Adolescents with Autism
For Adolescents with High-Functioning Autism and Asperger Syndrome
Creating Autism Awareness in Elementary School Staff

AWEtism Productions AWEtism Productions is a media company that creates autism training materials suitable for parents & professionals everywhere. Our materials feature “The S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Approach”, now heralded as the new best-practice intervention model for people with autism! Beyond our SUCCESS training DVD’s we also provide a “SUCCESS Video Analysis” service wherein we review film of you with your child/student, and offer “SUCCESS advise” including both theories & methods thought to improve the child’s care.

Behavior Imaging Solutions Behavior Imaging Solutions develops solutions to facilitate the observational, analytical and collaborative needs of Behavioral Healthcare and Special Education professionals. We enable collaboration and consultation between patients and parents through video capture and a secure health record application that allows users to store, share and annotate video files.

Behavioral Education and Research Services, Inc.  BEARS offers behavior based training on-line for parents and professionals who want to improve their ABA skills through learning how to train a simulation based avatar. Through a series of short training programs and serious “games” providers learn how to shape and reinforce behavior. If a mistake is made in training the reset button cures the mistake. If a mistake is made with a child it may take months to correct the error. VBF provides an error-free learning environment.

Body Talk: Teaching Students with Disabilities about Body Language by Pat Crissey 
Children and teens with autism and other developmental disabilities can be taught the language of nonverbal communication with the practical strategies developed by veteran special education teacher Pat Crissey. More than 100 activities break down elements of body language into teachable components.Through role playing, games, art activities, watching video clips, and using worksheets, quizzes, and charts, she shows busy educators, speech-language pathologists, and parents how to teach body language. Includes companion CD-ROM.

Bringing ABA Bringing ABA is dedicated to supporting professionals and caregivers with embedding the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA) into the everyday lives of individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and other disabilities.

Caring for Caregivers An education and support group curriculum, Caring for Caregivers is designed for professionals or paraprofessionals to use to help caregivers of individuals with autism across the lifespan reduce the stress, burden, depression and anxiety related to caregiving. Different programs are available for specific groups:
For Groups of Caregivers of Young Children with ASD
For Groups of Caregivers of School Aged Children with ASD
For Groups of Caregivers of Adolescents and Young Adults with ASD
For Groups of Caregivers of Adults with ASD

Competent Learner Model Tucci Learning Solutions provides a range of educational support services and products to parents and educators of children with a variety of behavioral challenges. Our Competent Learner Model (CLM) has over 600 individual scope and sequenced lesson plans specific to developing the educational and behavioral repertoires of children with autism and other developmental disabilities. The model has proven very effective at merging ABA with special education classrooms.

Creative Teaching CAP Creative Teaching CAP is a special education company dedicated to creating a comprehensive suite of measurable learning tools that is proven to help autistic and special needs students thrive. Creative Teaching CAP offers the first integrated system of learning tools that is proven to achieve quantifiable results.

Different Roads to Learning  Different Roads to Learning carries educational products to support the social, academic and communicative development of children on the autism spectrum through Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Verbal Behavior interventions. With a 600+ product line of books, flashcards, timers, games, token boards, assessment kits, and more, we provide the best teaching tools for caregivers and professionals to use in their home-based or classroom programs.

DT Trainer The DT Trainer (DTT) is like having an extra teaching assistant in the classroom or home. The product incorporates principles of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) enabling independent use by some of the most challenging to educate individuals. The DTT is used in over 1100 school districts, hundreds of private institutions, & thousands of homes from young children to adults whom are developmentally 2-9 years old. There are over 256 content programs 100s of selectable reinforcers.

Eden Autism Services Free Webinars: Teaching Students with Autism This program provides free monthly webinars and “live chats,” free lesson plans, and online discussion forums to help teachers connect and collaborate on the best practices for supporting students with autism.
Effective Strategies for Students in Grades PreK-5
Effective Strategies for Students Grades 6-12

Educate Autism Educate Autism is a website dedicated to helping those working with children with autism by providing free teaching materials, various tutorials to help you make your own teaching aids  and articles to provide information about teaching methods and behavioral principles.

Facing Your Fears: Group Therapy for Managing Anxiety in Children with High-Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorders Anxiety is one of the biggest challenges faced by children with high-functioning autism spectrum disorders and Asperger syndrome. Help them conquer their fears—and participate more fully in home, school, and community life—with this innovative group therapy program for children 8–14 years old and their parents.

Friends Like You. Friends Like Me. Friends Like You. Friends Like Me. is an educational community outreach initiative of Children’s Specialized Hospital, designed to help educate children about autism spectrum disorder and provide the tools necessary to facilitate friendships among children. This program encourages recognition of children’s similarities, reinforces the common desire to be accepted and have friends, demystifies autism in an age-appropriate manner, and promotes inclusion, respect, and friendship between children of all abilities in all facets of their lives.

Go Out and Play! Kit The CDC “Learn the Signs. Act Early.” campaign has created this kit for childcare and early education providers, rich in developmentally appropriate games and activities for children 3-5 years of age. This free kit also contains information about monitoring developmental milestones, and tips for talking to parents when a developmental delay is suspected.

H3 Consultants, Inc. H3 Consultants, Inc. has developed a behavior based training program for parents and professionals that focuses on providing you with the skills necessary to be your child’s home based therapist. Our goal is not to replace your behavioral therapist but to augment the training your receive from them with your own precision therapy training.

Have Fun Teaching Worksheets, coloring pages, flash cards, activities, videos, songs and more tools that teach every standard.

How to Be a Para Pro: A Comprehensive Training Manual for Paraprofessionals

How to Set Up A Classroom for Students with Autism A Manual for Teachers, Para-Professionals and Administrators

I Can Work! A Work Skills Curriculum for Special Needs Programs The I Can Work! program is a five-module course designed to integrate communication skills with hands-on prevocational training in the areas of job readiness, clerical, retail, food service, and the grocery industry.

The Incredible 5-Point Scale: The Significantly Improved and Expanded Second Edition Assisting students in understanding social interactions and controlling their emotional response. Includes free CD with blank scales.

The Incredbile Flexible You: A Social Thinking Curriculum for the Preschool and Early Elementary Years This series is helpful for all 4-7 year old kids, and essential for those with high-functioning ASD or other social learning challenges! The curriculum guide includes instructional lesson plans, 10 storybooks for children, and a NEW Tom Chapin CD!

Innovative Learning Leading resources for accredited and certified autism-related online courses.

Institute for Behavioral Training (IBT)  IBT has an ever-expanding eLearning library of online videos dedicated to those who interact with individuals with autism. Whether you are a parent, a teacher, a therapist or a supervisor, we have a variety of topics suited to your particular needs. From toilet training to Emergency Preparedness to Reinforcement Strategies, we’ve got you covered. Check out our other eLearning trainings on our website.

Kids Need to Know This power point presentation introduces and explains Aspergers Syndrome to teachers, classmates, friends, family, or home school groups….leading to understanding and more positive interactions. Teachers or counselors can use this presentation in a classroom setting when explaining Aspergers Syndrome to students.

Learning Style Profile for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders The Learning Style Profile for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (LSP) is designed to assist teachers, therapists and parents with understanding an individual child’s Learning Style characteristics and patterns. All children have strategies or preferences that allow them to gain information from their environment in order to negotiate social interactions. These strategies and preferences can be viewed as Learning Styles. Unfortunately, children with autism spectrum disorders may demonstrate an atypical learning style profile that leads toward interaction challenges in these social arenas.
Kindle Edition
iBooks Edition

Lesley University Autism Certificate Program Online The Lesley University 15-credit Autism Certificate is designed for those seeking to improve their understanding of the disorders. The certificate focuses on theory, best practice and program options for students with ASD, derived from current research in the field. This may be taken as an Advanced Professional Certificate.
*Lesley also offers an Individually Designed Masters in Education program

Make Friends with Autism Make Friends with Autism is a community-focused education initiative that encourages understanding, inclusion, support, and appreciation of people and families with autism. Through a generous grant from Kohl’s, Children’s Specialized Hospital in New Jersey provides materials to businesses, recreation providers, neighbors and families to support the integration of people with autism into community life.

Making Art Special, Second Edition A guide to teaching art to children with cognitive and motor disabilities in a classroom or other setting. Includes over fifty, full color, illustrated lessons, with step-by-step instructions, as well as helpful information for creating your own lessons. The new and improved second edition contains larger pictures.

Maximum Potential Kids Maximum Potential’s courses empower parents and teachers to provide ABA therapy in any environment. Created by two PhD BCBA’s, the program on 8 DVD’s contains 17 modules that give instructors the necessary skills to set up an effective and affordable in-home ABA program.

National Education Association Get ready for back to school with this practical online guide. Veteran educators share advice and ideas for starting the school year off right.

Natural Learning Concepts Autism and special needs tools that teach you to suceed.
Click here to view a Teacher Letter for Children with Autism from Natural Learning Concepts.

On a Lark! Creative Movement for Children by Larkin Barnett
Discover an easy, non-competitive ‘move-at-your-own-pace’ program for children. They explore their full movement potential while building self-esteem! Children become aware of body language and its relationship to words! This scientific approach promotes problem solving with an emphasis on a movement vocabulary and elements inherent in all movement – sports/fitness/dance/martial arts/therapy.

The ORP Library Community  The ORP Library of resources offers articles, tools, and guides, for kids, parents, educators, pediatricians, and mental health professionals dealing with disabilities. From a chart to help a child identify his/her emotions, to stories and guides to help parents deal with their journey, these free tools are available to all professionals who work with youth or adults who have been impacted by Autism.

PCI Education PCI Education has been developing materials for the special education and struggling learner population for nearly 20 years.

Peer Mentoring Program Training Manual

Phillip Roy, Inc: Character Education and Life Skill Programs Phillip Roy, Inc. is a publisher of innovative life skills and preschool curricula. The educational materials are available in duplicable book, duplicable/networkable CD_ROM and interactive online formats. We have materials appropriate for special needs students from preschool through high school/adult education. This program stresses parent/teacher/caregiver involvement in their youth’s education.

Project ENABLE (Expanding Nondiscriminatory Access by Librarians Everywhere)  Project ENABLE provides high quality, comprehensive, train-the trainer continuing education program for school librarians nationwide. This freely-available, accessible Web-based training site contains a series of self-paced learning modules. Within each module, the learner will find content in a variety of formats (text, video, audio, graphics, etc.) and related activities and resources.

Radiant Child Yoga Program (RCYP) RCYP is a comprehensive training program for teaching yoga to children of all ages. We welcome you to view our training schedule, find a trained teacher in your area, and learn more about the magical world of Radiant Child Yoga. Yoga for children is a natural way to exercise, relax, focus, and strengthen the body/mind/spirit connection. Studies show that yoga is an effective self-help therapy for ADD/ADHD, Autism, and general health and well-being of all children.

Relationship Development Intervention  Relationship Development Intervention (RDI™) is a proven developmental model that addresses the core issues of ASD such as motivation, communication, emotional regulation, episodic memory, rapid attention-shifting, self awareness, appraisal, executive functioning, flexible thinking and creative problem solving. RDI™ offers a Professional Certification Program for those who want to be trained to use RDI™ with parents in private practice or school settings. Professional training is available online and in Houston, India, Australia and S.E Asia.

REST Program: Respite Education and Support Tools REST (Respite Education and Support Tools) is an evidence-supported train-the-trainer course that prepares individuals to conduct respite training, equipping REST Companions™ to provide respite, in order to support caregivers who are caring for people with disabilities and health care needs across the lifespan. The REST program uses a standardized curriculum with core competencies aligned with the National Respite Guidelines. Training materials available in Spanish for bilingual trainers.

Rethink Rethink is an award-winning program model for supporting children with autism and related disabilities using Applied Behavior Analysis-based (ABA) teaching strategies. Our dynamic online solution includes an individualized assessment process, tracking tools that can be accessed through mobile devices, and a comprehensive video-based curriculum for training parents, teachers and caregivers – all developed by nationally recognized experts in the field.  Trained clinicians are also available to provide support via phone, video conferencing and online chat.

ReThink Higher Ed ReThink Higher Ed® is a new approach to education of the unique learner. We provide teachers, parents, and educational innovators comprehensive curriculum and administrative guides designed for high school and college age students challenged with intellectual disabilities and learning disabilities.

Scholastic Intervention Solutions, LLC Scholastic Intervention Solutions, LLC offers existing educators in the public and private sectors a fully supported ABA program to manage and navigate all the core operations of the Autism ABA Program Continuum. Scholastic Intervention Solutions leverages modern technology to provide school districts a scalable infrastructure with a turn-key suite of tools and support services that manages the fundamental operations of a districts ABA Autism program.

SCoRE® (Student Curriculum on Resilience Education): Propel Developed with funding from Autism Speaks, SCoRE: Propel is an online research-based resilience program that helps students with developmental disorders adjust to college life. The program helps students cope with the personal, social, and academic challenges of college life by providing practical information and strategies to: manage stress, develop self-advocacy skills, navigate challenging situations in a college setting, access the college’s disability services, develop healthy relationships, maintain a healthy body and mind and achieve success in college and life.

SEN Teacher Teaching and learning resources for students with special needs and learning disabilities. All the services are free for use in schools, colleges, and homes.

Sight Words is a provider of free educational resources for teaching children to read. Our resources include a program for Phonological and Phonemic Awareness, a pre-phonics curriculum that will prepare your child for learning to read and spell. A broad collection of Sight Words teaching techniques and games will help your child learn to recognize high-frequency words by sight. Our Counting games introduce your young child to the basics of mathematics. Everything on our website, from printable cards and games to how-to videos, is completely free!

Skill Sprout Inspire. Teach. Grow. Professional online consultation, program development, and training for autism spectrum disorders.

Skills®: The Online Autism Solution Skills® is an online tool for educators of children with autism that provides comprehensive assessment and  curriculum, positive behavior support planning for challenging behavior, progress tracking and treatment evaluation all in one place.

Small Wonders, Big Gains: The Preschool Autism Classroom This video, produced by the Fairfax Network (Fairfax County Public Schools, Virginia) is a snapshot of what a preschool autism classroom looks like. A parent, a teacher, and a behavioral specialist provide insight and expertise on the role of early intervention and how it may influence the academic and social interaction of preschool children on the autism spectrum. is a comprehensive resource for educators of children with special needs, including a state-by-state breakdown of teacher certification and licensure requirements, department of education job listings, and Master’s degree programs. We also offer on-the-job advice, a guide to the 13 categories covered by IDEA, and more!

SpEd Pad Therapy Pad A dedicated therapy device for Special Education bundled with over 100s of Therapy apps approved by experienced Therapists! SpEd Pad is one-stop solution for both Special Children and the teachers, therapists who teach Special Education. SpEd Pad leverages the power of a mobile device and transforms special education by taking it to a whole new level!

S.S.GRIN HFA (Social Skills Group Intervention for Children with High Functioning Autism)  S.S.GRIN HFA is an evidence-based social skills small group intervention for children ages 7-12 with high functioning autism spectrum disorders. Designed to be delivered in fifteen 1-hour sessions, S.S.GRIN HFA can be used in classroom, clinic, and community settings. The program is divided into three modules: communication skills, working with others, and friendship skills. Interactive activities and a dynamic cast of characters facilitate understanding and keep children engaged. S.S.GRIN HFA is available online with program implementation support or as a printed kit.

Stages Learning Mateirals – Language Builder Picture Card Sets  The Language Builder Picture Card Sets — the most widely used photo language and vocabulary tools for Autism Education. The cards are perfect for teaching key language concepts to preschool age children; or children and adults with autism, developmental delay, or speech/language delay. All products in the Language Builder Series were designed to specifically meet the learning needs of the individual with Autism. The Language Builder Series has become a staple in home and school programs across the world.

Summit Professional Education Summit Professional Education’s live seminars are taught by highly-qualified industry professionals. A seminar’s approved CEU information is available in the seminar’s detailed information.

Targeting Language Delays: IEP Goals & Activities for Students with Developmental Challenges by Caroline Lee, LCST
Many school-aged children with developmental challenges need help with their listening, language, and whole-word reading skills. This book explains how to teach these skills in sequential steps using more than 100 goals and activities that can be incorporated into an IEP (Individualized Education Program) or used for home practice. Our goal is to increase awareness and knowledge of children who fall on the autistic spectrum or have development delays. Our materials are created to be motivating and engaging to people with autism. Teach Autism understands that every child is unique and their needs vary. That is why we provide a selection of customized products. We make sure our materials are top quality, affordable and enjoyed by all that are engaged with them. We always seek for greatness in those with autism.

Teacher’s Toolkit for Autism Awareness  The University of Southern California Rossier School of Education Online Blog created this Teacher’s Toolkit for Autism Awareness. It includes a variety of resources to help teachers learn more about autism in the classroom and includes articles, videos, blogs, ted talks, apps, books and pinboards.

Teaching Adolescents with Autism: Practical Strategies for the Inclusive Classroom by Walter Kaweski
Award-winning educator Walter Kaweski offers secondary teachers practical strategies and heartfelt insights based on his extensive experience as an autism specialist, inclusion coordinator, and father of a son with Asperger syndrome. Students with special needs often require extra support as they adjust to middle and high school and the changes that accompany adolescence. Without support, this time can be overwhelming. Teaching Adolescents With Autism offers hundreds of valuable ideas to help teachers handle adolescent behavior challenges, implement academic interventions, and differentiate instruction.

Teaching Art For Autism A comprehensive all-inclusive book using the visual arts as an effective intervention in order to teach core subjects, communication, and life skills by teachers and parents with no art experience necessary.  Featuring 100 exciting lessons.

The Ultimate Guide to Assistive Technology in Special Education: Resources for Education, Intervention, and Rehabilitation by Joan Green

Watch Me Learn Teaching children social skills, language skills, functional skills, motor skills, and much more. Full-scale, video-based social skills curriculum for kids. Includes lesson plans, user guide, student workbooks and other activities. Each teaching module is presented in three instructional levels.

Workbook Window The Learning Loft, LLC is pleased to introduce the latest patented innovative teaching tool specifically designed for ABA discrete trial teaching, direct instruction, home school, elementary, and special education. A resource for parents and professionals, Workbook Window is the only reusable learning aid that instantly transforms any workbook into a write-on, write-off practice book.

Working with Students with Disabilities Children with disabilities are at a disadvantage and may need to work harder to achieve his or her goals. It is in this setting that a thoughtful, caring and well-educated teacher may become a shining example of excellence in an otherwise darkened world. Students with disabilities need patience, time, someone who understands their needs, and an educator that is willing to institute various methods of instruction until finding the most effective teaching strategy.