Websites for Families

ASD Vacations LLC Autism-friendly Family Vacations. We consult with each family in order to help overcome their own, unique, problems in arranging a family vacation. We work with them in order to arrange appropriate support and special arrangements that may be needed.

Asperger’s Community The purpose of this website is to assist Asperger’s groups so as to enable them to better help people with Autism and Aspergers. is a blogging community focused on Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, PDD NOS, and other Pervasive Development Disorders. Autisable’s Mission is to be of service to the Autism Community by providing an open platform where anything Autism Related can be shared and discussed. serves to build greater awareness of the autism spectrum and in particular, Asperger Syndrome. It joins other websites with this same focus and will work together with them toward strengthening our community of people on the autism spectrum.

Autism in Action Autism In Action® was founded in 2001 by Dr. Beverly Braman (BCBA-D) and Dr. Susan Catlett (BCBA-D). Their goal is to help parents, teachers, and others who participate in the lives of individuals diagnosed with autism and related disorders learn how to use applied behavior analysis (ABA) as a part of everyday life. They offer 42 “How-To” Teaching Programs, the Instructional Objectives Handbook, and the Autism and ABA: A “How-To” Handbook for Teachers.

Autism Adventure Travel Travel Services for special needs families. Our Specialists will plan your vacation itinerary or can book you on one of our great vacations all with your special needs in mind.

Autism After 16 This website arose out of the desire to help adults with ASD and their families make sense of the morass of information and misinformation out there. Autism After 16 is dedicated to providing information and analysis of adult autism issues, with the emphasis on analysis. Anyone can Google “autism + adults” and discover a vast array of programs, documents, and products. Our intention here is to try to help adults with ASD and their families make sense of what’s out there.

Autism Atlas Our mission is to increase understanding and acceptance for people with autism through education, advocacy and the development of community programs. Currently, we have two unique educational programs that focus on why people with autism act the way they do. Participants perform simulation exercises to let them experience the sensory processing issues that lead to many of the typical behaviors.

Autism Blogs Directory A diverse directory of autism blogs with a variety of viewpoints!

Autism and Boyscouts This site was created to give information to parents of autistic children considering if Scouting is right for their child and for Scout Leaders and Volunteers (Scouters) who have autistic children in their unit.

APEX PROaupair APEX PROaupair is the first and only U.S. Department of State designated au pair agency in the United States specializing in providing special needs childcare. We place experienced au pairs with degrees in such varied backgrounds as occupational therapy, physical therapy, special needs education, nursing, etc with families who have one or more children with special needs. The cost to families is only 12$/h for 45 hrs/week of care, including healthcare, visa and pay to the candidates.

Autism Calendar Come check out a list of events in your area related to autism awareness and the autism community. Posting your own local events to the calendar is free!

Autism Community: Strengthening the Knowledge on Autism The Autism Community is a blog where you can find information about Autism Spectrum Disorder, treatment options, advocacy issues, resources for families and teachers of children with ASD, and other helpful information. In addition to this, I want this blog to be a forum in which the autism community can come together and share their thoughts and get their questions answered.

Autism Family Online: Working Together to Meet the Challenges & Share the Triumphs of Autism. Join our worldwide group of family members and educators dedicated to meeting the needs of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders. This site will give you valuable information, provide an opportunity to get your questions answered, and much, much more.

Autism Internet Modules The Autism Internet Modules were developed with one aim in mind: to make comprehensive, up-to-date, and usable information on autism accessible and applicable to educators, other professionals, and families who support individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Written by experts from across the U.S., all online modules are free and are designed to promote understanding of, respect for, and equality of persons with ASD.

Autism…Learn We are dedicated to making visually structured activities designed to help develop multiple skills for persons with autism. Many of our activities contain different levels, creating a connected hierarchy. Learn by doing – then progress to each higher level to expand learned skills.

autismMatch Helping families living with autism requires supporting the family, understanding the causes, developing and testing new treatments, and creating access to services and supports. The goal of autismMatch is to connect families and individuals living with autism with researchers who are seeking the answers to how to achieve these goals.

Autism Navigator Autism Navigator is a unique collection of web-based tools and courses developed to bridge the gap between science and community practice. We have integrated the most current research into a highly interactive web platform with extensive video footage to illustrate effective evidence-based practices. Autism NOW: The National Autism Resource and Information Center is a dynamic and interactive, highly visible and effective central point of quality resources and information for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and other developmental disabilities, their families, and other targeted key stakeholders.

Autism on the Seas We’re dedicated to providing vacation and travel options for individuals and family’s living with Special Needs, including, but not limited to, Autism, Asperger Syndrome, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and all Cognitive, Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Featuring cruise and land resort options.

Autism Parenting Solutions Providing practical solutions to parents of children with autism from parents of children with autism.

Autism Spectrum Disorder: Resources for Families This resource brief offers links to find care, services, and support and learn more about ASD. From the Maternal and Child Health Library at Georgetown University.

Autism Spotlight Online social network for families and children affected by autism.

Autism Support Groups A helping hand on demand.

Autistic Traveler Provides a central source of information for traveling with autistic children. This site also provides useful links to enable you to successfully plan and execute a memorable vacation for you and your entire family.

Autism-U Using the scientific standards for early intervention based on Applied Behavior Analysis (“ABA”), Autism-U is bridging the gap for families with autism who are torn between expensive ABA therapy, and the logistical challenges of finding a clinician nearby, or the financial reality when services aren’t covered by insurance.  Parents can assess, implement, and monitor skill acquisitions, skill replacements, and behavior reductions with scientific precision (ABA), then invite anyone in the circle of care to give feedback on the individualized plan while controlling access to HIPAA information at all times.  Feedback reports to an individual plan while accelerating autism research.

Autism Women’s Network The mission of the Autism Women’s Network is to provide effective supports to autistic women and girls of all ages through a sense of community, advocacy and resources.

TheAutSpot An autism online community and global resources center. A place to interact with individuals across the globe who are affected by autism spectrum disorders, learn more and find valuable resources.

Architecture for Autism  Tips and background information for anyone involved in designing, building, interior design and furnishing of homes, schools, treatment, and long-stay facilities. They include people on the spectrum, their parents, other relatives, teachers, caregivers, co-workers, and superiors. It’s a free, interactive service.

A Special Needs Plan A Special Needs Plan offers education, action, and support for families in order to secure and protect their loved one’s future. Whether the primary caregiver is here, or if they are not, A Special Needs Plan makes certain their loved one is going to be okay!

Atypical Child Atypical Child was created by a parent for parents and therapists to buy and sell their gently used therapy equipment. It also serves as a resource for parents to help them discern between typical and atypical development.

Awe in Autism Through original works of art, music, literature, poetry, photography, and video, as well as many other resources, seeks to provide inspiration and encouragement to those impacted by autism.

Bloom and Grow LLC Bloom & Grow LLC is dedicated to supporting the caregiver. We share products we’ve created, strategies, tips & tricks you can use in your home and community, and recommendations of products we’ve tried and love!

Bridges to Adventure Outdoor excursions for families that have children with autism.

Bridging Apps BridgingApps is a program of Easter Seals Greater Houston that provides access to educational and therapeutic tools—anywhere, anytime—allowing parents, teachers, and therapists to effectively use mobile devices and apps to target and improve individual skill development to help children and adults with disabilities reach their highest levels of physical and cognitive development.

Bright Beacon Bright Beacon exists to provide a safe haven for parents of children with medical needs to meet, discuss their children, their children’s medical needs, and perhaps even their own personal stories: their victories, defeats, joys, and sorrows.

Bringing ABA Bringing ABA is dedicated to supporting professionals and caregivers with embedding the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA) into the everyday lives of individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and other disabilities. is the world’s largest online destination for finding and managing family care. It can help you hire nannies, babysitters, tutors, etc. with experience caring for kids with autism and other special needs. provides FREE support and useful resources to individuals and families who have been diagnosed with cerebral palsy and other disabilities.

The Center for Information and Study on Clinical Research Participation The Center for Information and Study on Clinical Research Participation (CISCRP) is a first-of-its-kind nonprofit organization dedicated to educating and informing the public, patients, medical/research communities, the media, and policymakers about clinical research and the role each party plays in the process.

Circle of Moms We are a community of many mothers coming together as one. We like to discuss many aspects of our lives, drawing from our common experience as parents, family members and those caring for children on the autism spectrum.

Dads 4 Special Kids Dads 4 Special Kids is an organization dedicated to helping men who have a child with special needs in their lives. We provide invaluable information, encouragement, and support to men who are striving to improve, enrich and heal their own lives, and who are determined to provide their best to a child with special needs.

Disability Scoop Disability Scoop is the first nationally-focused online news organization serving the developmental disability community including autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, fragile X and mental retardation, among others. Launched in 2008, Disability Scoop is the premier source for developmental disability news.

Discover Autism Help Discover Autism Help is a parent’s source for ideas and techniques for teaching strategies, speech therapy, occupational therapy, reading, math, and writing, most of which can be implemented at home. Based on the belief that children with autism can benefit from extra help at home, this site is devoted to giving parents the resources they need to help their children reach their potential. At, our goal is to assist parents and caregivers with questions about their child’s growth and development. Our website reaches out to all parents, providing them with easy-to-understand definitions, suggestions on dealing with common problems, resources, and links. EIS was created by the founders of Therapeutic Early Intervention Services (TEIS), recognized by the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare as a designated Early Intervention provider in Western PA.

ELEMENTS: Life Made Easy Our mission is to connect compassionate professionals with families and individuals who are in need of support services such as coaching and navigation towards the enrichment and development of life skills, and a productive integration within society. A Social Network for Special Needs is a social network dedicated to helping families of individuals with special needs as well as the professionals and organizations that serve them connect for information, support, and social interaction. Members can search the site using very specific criteria including area, diagnosis, specialty, child’s social behavioral profile, child interest, family views, etc.

Find A Professional: Online Directory of Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology Programs This online directory contains valuable information about thousands of programs that employ audiologists and speech-language pathologists who hold the Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA).

Global Behavior Education Alliance, Inc. GBE Alliance, Inc. is comprised of a network of licensed professionals to provide online services for children with autism. We pride ourselves on being an all-encompassing resource, providing online evaluations, therapies, counseling, and advocacy. Our mission is to empower families through a comprehensive selection of online services and therapy options. We employ researched-based methodologies and target behavioral and educational needs for optimal transformation. Call today!

Go2Care, Inc. Go 2 Care provides real-time, interactive videoconferencing rehabilitation and wellness services, education, and products to promote disease management, therapeutic interventions, health and fitness at home, work, school or community-based settings.

Grant’s Eco Art Grant is autistic and his message of recycling and creating artwork is capturing national attention.   As he says, “It’s not what we can’t do. It’s what we can do!”

Healing Thresholds Healing Thresholds is a site dedicated to healing the lives of families touched by autism by providing daily updates on therapies and news designed to help people with autism. This tool will help you find the health insurance best suited to your needs, whether it’s private insurance for individuals, families, and small businesses, or public programs that may work for you. It was created to help consumers under the health insurance reform law, the Affordable Care Act.

Hope 4 All Children An online community for Family, Friends, and Professionals of individuals with special needs, and for Adults with special needs.

Homeadvisor How to Help Your Child with Autism Cope During and After a Move is a great article on helping an ASD child cope during and after a move.

Institute for Behavioral Training (IBT) IBT has a variety of eLearning topics geared specifically towards parents and family members of children with ASD. Lessons are geared toward working in the home or community and focus on the day-to-day relationship with a child. Topics may include skills targeted in the home, parent support, introduction to ABA, and behavior management.

International Diagnostic Solutions International Diagnostic Solutions (IDS) provides international consultation and diagnostic services in the areas of autism, developmental delay, and special education. Whether onsite or off-site, our experts provide comprehensive diagnostic assessments, short and long term training in the fields of ABA and special education, consultation for program and center development, and biotechnological tools and research opportunities.

Kate Cave’s Karma Life: Helping Parents of Autistic Children to Live A Karma Life Do you want to know more about how to live with autism stress and how you can help your child cope? Kate offers personal 1:1 help to cope with autism stress for both you AND your child with autism.

Keesago, LLC Keesago, LLC is a new company created by parents of special needs families for other parents of special needs families. Our mission- to revolutionize the way members of the special needs community find high-quality resources!

KidWX KidWX is a FREE parent review-based website that allows parents to post and search reviews (WXs) of service providers who provide services for children from infant to college.  KidWX takes pride in assisting parents regardless of their child’s age or ability. LawHelp helps low and moderate income people find free legal aid programs in their communities, and answers to questions about their legal rights.

Learning Differences World Learning Differences World was created to support people in your position. We provide the tools, support, and answers you need to enable a child to learn successfully. Whether you are concerned that your child has autism, ADHD, dyslexia or all of the above, Learning Differences World provides answers and support for more than 20 different learning challenges that impact the way a child learns.

LegalShield We are a forty-two-year-old company who provides legal service plans to over 1.4 million families in the United States and Canada. Our service requires no contract and is paid on a month to month basis. We give our members access to top-rated law firms in forty-nine states for a small monthly fee of $ 19.95. We cover everything from the trivial to the traumatic. Education Law has been added to our covered benefits specializing in the rights of children with special needs.

Life Journey Through Autism: Navigating the Special Education System The fundamental intent of special education is to provide instruction to meet each child’s unique needs.  Life Journey through Autism: Navigating the Special Education System offers information, tools, and tips that will help you become an even more effective advocate for your child. Many state education departments offer pamphlets with specific information about the special education system in their state. What is different about this Guide is its national perspective and specific focus on the needs of children with autism.

Living Well with Autism Living Well With Autism is an online resource that provides parents and caregivers with ideas, and free or inexpensive resources for living well with autism. Here, you will find social stories, visual helpers, tips, and recommended resources.

Magical Adventures Await As of teacher of children with autism for 20 years, I am well aware of the challenges families face when traveling.  I am able to provide services that will help you and your family have a successful vacation. For a family traveling with a child with special needs, preparation is essential.  I can work with you to identify potential challenges and lay out a touring strategy that will fit best for your family. I can do most any destination but I specialize in cruises and Disney. There is no fee for these complimentary services. I’m dedicated to helping the special needs community. All you need to do is book your vacation with me.

Making Voices Heard Making Voices Heard is a platform for you as parents and caregivers to share your story about the power of AAC. It is a space where we wish for many parents to come and draw inspiration to help their child communicate. It is a repository of inspiring stories and content, focusing on how AAC can be greatly instrumental in building a child’s communication and letting people try some of these solutions for themselves.

Mama Time Mama Time provides workshops and retreats for All mothers needing some time to rest, relax, play and grow! We believe that self-care is an essential ingredient for our health and the health of our children and families.

Medical Fitness Network A free national online resource directory to locate fitness, wellness professionals who provide services for families with children with autism. An overall wellness plan of healthy living is critical for children and young adults, especially with Autism, in unique ways. A growing list of studies shows over half of children with Autism are at risk of being overweight or are overweight. It is important to have a strong support system for these families.

Mini More Babysitters Give us 24 hours and we will find you an experienced and qualified babysitter based upon your family’s needs. Our database is filled with teachers, paraprofessionals, occupational therapists and other qualified sitters who truly understand the needs of your child. All of our sitters are ready to help both you and your family! Our mission is to first, simplify the process of finding a babysitter and then, put your mind at ease knowing that your child will be left in good hands.

Moms Fighting Autism Moms Fighting Autism is a monthly webinar service dedicated to helping moms who have children with autism. Each month we bring our members new speakers that share their perspective on various autism topics.

MyAutismTeam MyAutismTeam is a free social network for parents of kids with autism. You can think of it as a cross between Facebook and Yelp specifically designed for parents of kids on the spectrum so that they don’t have to “re-invent the wheel”. With over 30,000 parents registered on the site, you can find parents just like you based on where you live, the age of your child, your child’s sub-diagnosis and developmental needs, and gender. Parents share tips, support, and photos, as well as ask and answer each others’ questions. In addition, there is a searchable provider directory of over 35,000 autism specialists and autism-friendly providers constantly updated by parents on the site. MyAutismTeam is the official social network and resource guide for Autism Speaks.

MyManny, LLC MyManny is an online company that connects families with male sitters, mentors, tutors, coaches, big brothers, and role models. The Nation’s 1st Affordable Healthcare Option is a consortium of physical, occupational and speech therapists dedicated to the delivery of quality healthcare at an affordable price. We connect individuals with clinical specialists from anywhere to anywhere, using telehealth technology, for the cost of your average copay! Our service circumvents the constraints of time, money, convenience and accessibility. You can find and follow us on Twitter, word press and Facebook.

National Autism Network National Autism Network is the most comprehensive resource online for the autism community offering discussion forums, national and local events calendar, provider directory, 1000+ articles, hundreds of pages of content and a growing resource directory.

National Center for Learning Disabilities NCLD provides essential information and resources to individuals with learning disabilities, parents, and educators. LD can take many forms – including dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia and addresses them all through expert articles, e-books, and videos. On the site, you’ll not only gain insight into LD and co-occurring disorders of attention and behavior, but you’ll also discover tips and tools to help overcome LD-related challenges at work, in school, and in life. NCLD provides other key services through its public policy work – advocating for the rights of people with learning disabilities on Capitol Hill – and through its educator-oriented websites and

The National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Annual Pass This access pass is a free, lifetime pass – available to US citizens or permanent residents of the United States that have been medically determined to have a permanent disability – that provides access to recreation areas managed by 5 federal agencies. An online community for families of special needs children. Nilsby is a community where people can share information and emotional support with one another in a positive and safe environment.

OASIS @ MAAP This web site provides articles, educational resources, links to local, national and international support groups, sources of professional help, lists of camps and schools, conference information, recommended reading, and moderated support message boards.

OnCall+ Autism Resources: State by State Search your state for autism resources in the following areas: early intervention, preschool, school-age, adult-focused, community and support groups, and legal advocacy.

One Place for Special Needs Your place for disability products, resources, services, and support.

The ORP Library Community The ORP Library of resources offers articles, tools, and guides, for kids, parents, educators, pediatricians, and mental health professionals dealing with disabilities. From a chart to help a child identify his/her emotions, to stories and guides to help parents deal with their journey, these free tools can be found on the ORP Library community website.

Parent Coaching for Autism This website offers a gamut of resources at various levels of financial investment from a free course, weekly parenting tip newsletter and a blog, to occasional low-cost teleclasses and workshops; membership opportunities; and group coaching or the more expensive investment of individual parent coaching – all created to support and guide parents in adjusting to the initial ASD diagnosis as well as ongoing support.

PTEN World PTEN World is an online community for families with PTEN conditions, and many of our members have children with a PTEN condition and an autism spectrum disorder. Members correspond within discussion forums and can personalize their profiles by uploading their stories, photos, and videos.

Provider Search: Connecting the Special Needs Community Provider Search assists families in their search for quality professionals who can help with Developmental Disabilities, Autism, Epilepsy, and Cerebral Palsy & Cognitive Learning Disabilities.

RDI™Learning Community The RDI Learning Community is the online home of Relationship Development Intervention (RDI™), a proven developmental model that addresses the core issues of ASD such as motivation, communication, emotional regulation, episodic memory, rapid attention-shifting, self awareness, appraisal, executive functioning, flexible thinking and creative problem solving. RDI’s unique, parent-training program teaches parents to regain and maximize their role to guide their child to seek out and succeed in truly reciprocal relationships. The online RDI™ Learning Community offers exclusive parent education, live webinars, and e-courses, plus support and networking for families and professionals.

Real Look Autism This website will give you some great ideas for working with children who have Autism Spectrum Disorders and also serve as a place to share your own insights. There’s a lot of information out there so we are attempting to present different therapies and strategies using video in a very focused and thoughtful way.

relate to autism provides support services for parents – giving you everything you need to begin and run an effective developmental program for your child at home. Use our technology and expertise to either complement your current home-program or as a roadmap to get you started immediately. Our unique combination of online Member Tools and professional consultation services using the Growth through Play System (GPS) gives you access to support whenever and from wherever you need it.

Restoring Balance: The Autism Spectrum We are here to document and guide the parents through clear-cut practical information that they can readily utilize to help translate the information from the doctor to the dinner table. Our program uniquely addresses the multi-symptom and system issues of autism spectrum challenges.

rethink is an award-winning program model for supporting children with autism and related disabilities using Applied Behavior Analysis-based (ABA) teaching strategies. Our dynamic online solution includes an individualized assessment process, tracking tools that can be accessed through mobile devices, and a comprehensive video-based curriculum for training parents, teachers and caregivers – all developed by nationally recognized experts in the field.  Trained clinicians are also available to provide support via phone, video conferencing and online chat.

Sandbox Learning Lending Library Links Many states have non-profit foundations which support the lending of resources. These resources range from extensive libraries of sensory integration toys, augmentative communication devices, and games or puzzles designed for individuals with disabilities to simple software or low tech devices. Professionals, and in many states parents, are able to ‘check out’ a device online and have it delivered to their home or visit designated centers to borrow items. Since many devices and toys for children with disabilities are very expensive, these programs are an excellent way for people to test augmentative communication devices or adaptive materials before purchasing them. This website lists resources from each state.

Sesame Street and Autism: See Amazing in All Children Sesame Workshop created Sesame Street and Autism: See Amazing in All Children, a nationwide initiative aimed at communities with children ages 2 to 5. Developed with input from parents, people who serve the autism community, and people with autism, See Amazing in All Children offers families ways to overcome common challenges and simplify everyday activities. At the same time, the project fosters an affirming narrative around autism for all families and kids.

Shared Abilities Shared Abilities is an online community for sharing information about special needs & celebrating all we are able to accomplish!  With current news, more than 100 discussion groups where members can post questions and share information, and a provider directory, Shared Abilities is a place to go, get info, and connect.   Shared Abilities is for anyone touched by the special needs world:  people with special needs, their family & friends as well as therapists, educators, healthcare providers, and more.

Sharona Coaching and Consulting LLC Tele-Coaching services for parents that are looking for support and guidance as they navigate through the challenges and joys of raising a child with special needs. Sharona provides a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere in which parents can expect honesty, compassion and useful tools to achieve the quality of life that they are looking for.

Sibling Support Project On the Sibling Support Project website, visitors can learn about the unique joys and concerns experienced by siblings of people with autism and other disabilities; join listservs for young sibs, adult sibs, or parents who wish to talk about their “other” kids; learn where to find registered sibships in their community – and how they can start their own Sibshop; and see a list of sibling-related books for you and adult readers. Sibling Support Project also has a Family of Yahoogroups and Facebook Groups: SibNet (for adult siblings), SibTeen (for teen siblings), SibKids (for young sibs), SibParent (for parents to talk about their “other” children), and SibGroup(for those running Sibshops).

Simple Steps Autism An Online Teaching Platform for the Treatment of Autism. Simple but effective tools for coping with Autism Spectrum Disorder in children based on the science of ABA.

Social Security Disability Resource Center The Social Security disability resource center provides information on the federal disability benefit programs, SSD (social security disability, mandated under title II of the social security act) and SSI (supplemental security income, mandated under title 16), in addition to answering questions about social security retirement benefits and providing resource links on topics such as Medicare.

Special Friends Online The number one online community for individuals with learning disabilities, their parents, caregivers, and volunteers. Our main priority is to create a safe haven for friendships to grow.

The Special Guide: Reviews By and For the Special Needs Community What every parent of a child with special needs or learning challenges wished they really knew!

Special Learning: The Comprehensive Autism Solutions Company Special Learning exists to offer every parent with a special child a genuine chance to help their son or daughter attain an abundant and fulfilling life. Years of peer-reviewed research prove that most children with developmental disorders like Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) who begin proper treatment early can achieve substantial, measurable progress in building critical skills they need to function in society as they grow up. Join us on our journey as we bring light and hope to children with autism and developmental disabilities around the globe.

Special Kids Photography of America The primary mission of SKPA is to represent special children to professional photographers in an effort to expand exceptional photographic opportunities to these children on a national level. This unique focus is accomplished through training and education, awareness, funding development, and photographic industry support.

Special Learning, Inc. Special Learning, Inc. is an internet-based company that exists to offer every parent of a child diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder a genuine chance to help their son or daughter attain an abundant and fulfilling life using Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy. The site provides extensive information, resources, and tools to help children with autism move up the skills spectrum intuitively, successfully and affordable. The company’s ambitious mission is to become THE destination for autism information, resources, and tools worldwide. Special Needs Knowledge is an education-focused service of A Special Needs Plan designed to educate about specific special needs issues focused in finance, law, tax, government benefits, and more with written briefs, articles, educational videos, mini and online seminars. You will leave the site empowered, with a new sense of confidence in assembling a plan that secures the future of your loved one with special needs, as well as the future of your entire family.

Special Needs Moms for Moms Special Needs Moms For Moms is a national social network for communities of special needs mothers to connect, inform, support and inspire one another. As well as finding resources for testing, OT, educational options and counseling. It is free to join Special Needs Moms For Moms.

Stoller Parent Coaching Providing a warm relationship and customizing the pacing and the process itself to fit her client’s personal style and needs, Sheryl Stoller enables parents to trust what they already know, integrate pertinent knowledge and try out new ways of parenting. Available via phone/internet/travel.

Theatre Access NYC: Find Autism-Friendly Performances The Broadway League and Theatre Development Fund (TDF) developed a new website exclusively listing accessible Broadway performances, Theatre Access NYC. The comprehensive website will give information on which shows have scheduled special open captioned, sign language interpreter, audio described and autism-friendly performances; which shows always have services like assisted listening, iCaption, and D-Scriptive devices; as well as information for theatergoers with mobility issues who need wheelchair access, accessible restrooms, etc.

Therapist Ratingz What’s on your mind? Find a therapist! The site where people like you provide real, independent ratings, reviews, and recommendations for therapists, child therapists, and psychologists.

Therapy Buzz Where parents and care providers connect. Find a therapist. Manage your therapy team. Track your child’s progress. is a streamlined, secure communication system that allows therapists to easily update parents and caregivers on sessions. Born out of a need for more, consistent communication between therapists and caregivers, the service is free to parents and caregivers and ninety dollars yearly for therapists and other professionals, because when we’re all communicating, we can see progress happen across all settings.

Together In Autism mission is to further promote support and information for parents in a group or individual setting online for free. We are here to hold your hand and guide you. We strive to make a difference by educating the public and expanding our reach. Our goal is to speed the process from diagnosis to being informed, staying informed, connecting families, allowing them to share experiences and helping those with autism thrive.

Treating Autism ‘Treating Autism is a parent-run charity that provides parents with a lifeline…members receive a regular newsletter with developments in the biomedical and therapeutic world, a lending library of autism-specific resources, special offers and discounts on conferences. We run local groups across the UK and organize conferences and Parent to Parent events across the UK.

Treatment Diaries Treatment Diaries is a social network for people just like you who are suffering from, living with or caring for someone with a chronic illness. This community is a supportive sounding board; they share your experiences, they offer advice … they care.

Tutoring Services Tutoring Services provides genuine services for tutoring in math, sciences and more. Homework assistance and online tutoring available.  We are the only free portal that provides students with affordable tutors in the convenience of their own home. Need to find a tutor, no worries there is the place to be. Online learning and homework help are just a few clicks away.

Uniting Autism We are a FREE online support group dedicated to supporting caregivers and parents who have children diagnosed with autism.

V-B Families VB-Families is an online behavior simulation training program designed to teach family members the science of applied behavior analysis and train them on how to identify, target, shape, and reinforce desired behaviors. This format is designed to be used as a lifetime tool.

WonderStage Learning WonderStage Learning, Inc. serves the community of families with special needs and offers valuable and reliable consulting that you can count on. WonderStage Learning, Inc. offers affordable phone-based consulting for anyone that has questions about teaching new skills, reducing challenging behaviors, and helping their special-needs child at home, school, or in the community.

World Autism Organizations Worldwide there are thousands of autism organizations offering information, resources, and services. While you should always consult a physician if you are concerned your child may have autism, you may also have an autism organization in your country that could provide additional support.

Wrightslaw Special Education Law and Advocacy Accurate, reliable information about special education law, education law, and advocacy for children with disabilities.

Your Special Education Rights Don’t you wish it were easier? Now it is! is the only video-based special education rights resource available for parents!  As a member, you’ll have access to hundreds of videos that help you empower yourself with the information you need to secure appropriate special education services for your child. In our private practices, we help parents secure appropriate programs for their children every day.  We’re passionate about helping all parents understand their rights. And membership is free!

ZocDoc is a free service that allows you to find a nearby doctor or dentist who accepts your insurance. You can search for doctors (of all specialties, in all cities), find all who are available on a given day and time, and schedule your appointment right then and there. Oh, and you can also write and read reviews!

2nd.MD: Easy Online Access to Leading Doctors 2nd.MD is a revolutionary new alternative to accessing top medical specialists when you need them most and on your terms. You choose a specialist. You choose the time. You choose the location. And through face-to-face video chat, you get the answers you need about your most pressing medical concerns. It’s just that simple.

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